Imagination or inspiration?

Which is better for good, genuine art – imagination? Or inspiration?

Inspiration happens when you see something and a voice inside you says, ‘I need to draw this!’. Inspiration, in theory, is genuine however, it still stems from an external stimulus. In other words, it’s not entirely your own. Why did I use the word ‘entirely’? Well, that’s because whenever you use this stimulus to create art, you mold it according to your own personal thoughts and perceptions. Even a copy of an Artwork is not a 100% copy, the art style of the copier and his/her perceptions make it slightly genuine.

Imagination however is 99.9% genuine. Why not 100? That’s because even your imagination comes from something you once saw or heard or felt and your subconscious evolves a story around it. For instance, let’s say you saw the number 8 several times throughout a day. You sit down to create a piece of art and you find yourselves using 8 different colors or making exactly 8 stones in a landscape. I know it sounds far fetched, but believe me, it’s the truth.

So what would you say is better for a genuine Artwork? Imagination or inspiration? Or maybe a mix of both?

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