Chester James Bennington

Life has a way of molding you into what you are often by giving you choices at key moments in your life. You see someone grieving, do you comfort them or walk them by? You see a beggar begging for scraps, do you hand them money or do you feed them? You have been bullied in your childhood, do you bully others or do you turn that anger into something productive?

Chester Bennington, Linkin Park, Charcoal, 2020

Chester was a prime example of someone who survived a rough childhood and turned his life around. He is an inspiration for me and for millions like me all around the world. I grew up listening to his songs and gained strength during some testing times myself.

People usually play a game where they ask you, ‘Which Celebrity would you like to meet or spend a day with?’, Chester was always the answer to that question for me and it is so heartbreaking that I can never fulfill that wish anymore.

Life is not always fair and its not always in your favor but if there’s anything we can learn from his life is that no matter how messed up things get, you can always give it the finger and turn your life around.

Stay strong. Stay Positive. Most of all, stay Connected.

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Why should you pursue your passion?

Art comes in many forms, be it a sketch or a painting, someone singing to the tune of Jason Mraz or a writer trying to put his story on a piece of paper. Even though every human being possesses a passion for something in life, most of them end up in a 9 to 5.


Your parents and the society in general has instilled a fear in your minds since you were little, if you don’t join the status quo you’re doomed to fail in life. This fear holds most of us back from doing what we were born to do – live.

Ever wondered why that one friend is so successful and happy with his life? Why is it so easy for him/her? He/she is earning like crazy while doing what they love, why can’t I have the same thing? The truth is, you can! All we need is some courage to get out of our inhibitions and leave this unreal comfort zone behind.

Taking that first step is always the most difficult one, you have to leave the surety of a constant pay roll, a comfortable way of life and enter a highly unstable, entirely new world. And trust me that’s how you’d feel, it’s a brave new world where you have so much to explore, to gain, to lose. It’s an adventure in itself and once you commit to it, you would love every second of it!

So do not be scared of what the future might hold, if you have passion for something, you owe it to yourself to find out whether it can be more. And if you’re confident enough in your talent, why are you still employed under someone else?

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Imagination or inspiration?

Which is better for good, genuine art – imagination? Or inspiration?

Inspiration happens when you see something and a voice inside you says, ‘I need to draw this!’. Inspiration, in theory, is genuine however, it still stems from an external stimulus. In other words, it’s not entirely your own. Why did I use the word ‘entirely’? Well, that’s because whenever you use this stimulus to create art, you mold it according to your own personal thoughts and perceptions. Even a copy of an Artwork is not a 100% copy, the art style of the copier and his/her perceptions make it slightly genuine.

Imagination however is 99.9% genuine. Why not 100? That’s because even your imagination comes from something you once saw or heard or felt and your subconscious evolves a story around it. For instance, let’s say you saw the number 8 several times throughout a day. You sit down to create a piece of art and you find yourselves using 8 different colors or making exactly 8 stones in a landscape. I know it sounds far fetched, but believe me, it’s the truth.

So what would you say is better for a genuine Artwork? Imagination or inspiration? Or maybe a mix of both?

Wonder woman

What is a woman?

A woman is someone who at one point can be extremely fierce and at another point extremely calm. A woman is someone who can be ruthless and at the same time caring. A woman is someone who can fight but can also love so deeply.

The actress Gal Gadot has portrayed all of these attributes as wonder woman in the DC movie. This sketch is a tribute to her and the character that she brought to life. I truly admire this woman for all that she stands for and all that she is.

The sketch was made using Prismacolor pencils on a cartridge sheet base. I recently started using Prismacolor pencils and I could clearly feel the difference from the ones I used before. I will upload my older artworks as well so you can compare the texture and the vibrance of the two for yourself.

Stay tuned for more artworks and i would welcome any suggestions for this art piece or anything you would like me to sketch in the future. I’m also open for commissions.

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What do you see?

The eye is the most powerful tool us humans are born with. Let me tell you why.

Eye, 2016, prismacolor

In the spectrum of the light, we broadly categorize the colors into 7 – VIBGYOR as we know it. But this categorization is only done because we cannot possibly list down the infinite colors present in the spectrum and your eye can see them all.

That’s not all however. Your eye is capable of reading the smallest movements of human muscle. Ever wondered how you’re able to tell whether someone is lying or honest?

This is my perception of what an eye is and I’ve tried to bring it to life with this sketch. Hope you enjoy my work.

Stick around for more.